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Rank Your Websites
With Our High Quality SEO Optimized Articles
Following Yoast’s Guidelines

Get 100% Manual Written SEO Optimized Articles.


Following Yoast’s SEO Guidelines… 

These are the factors we utilize of the yoast recommendation list:


(1) Your article will contain at least 1 outbound link related to the niche.
(2) Yoast recommends at least 500 words – depends on your order.
(3) Keyword will be found in the title or H1 (Headline 1).
(4) Keywords in title will appear first at the beginning – unless your keyword seems really weird at the beginning.
(5) Title’s length will be optimized.
(6) Targeted keyword will appear in h2 (headline 2) at least once.
(7) Optimized keyword density.
(8) Focus keyword will appear in the first paragraph of the copy.
(9) 100% Manual – 0% Spun Content.

(10) Optimized Meta description.
(11) Meta description will contain the focus keyword.
(12) Meta’s description length will be sufficient / optimized / green.
(13) Focus keyword will appear in the URL of the page.
(14) Page title will be between the recommended 35 character minimum and the recommended 65 character maximum.
(15) HTML Code & Meta info will be provided in a .zip file for easier implementation to make your life easier.
(16) Copyscape Premium = Passed.



We will send you both a .txt file without the html format,
plus a .txt file with the html format so you’d be able to import it faster & easier.

We’ll also send you a separate text file which will contain the prefered meta description,
URL structure and SEO title (if different from the H1 title).

Not only that, but we’ll also submit your article to copyscape premium
using our own balance to make sure you won’t even have to do that by yourself.

(We’ll attach a screenshot of copyspace premium which will show proof that your article had passed.)

We’ll do all the hard work and you’ll just copy-paste the html code,
which contains the text with the recommended seo format to your wordpress / website / blog.


Fixed Rate of $2.32 per 100 words with the free coupon we provide.

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Bulk Orders Accepted​

For bulk orders, click here to add us on Skype – or leave us a message –
and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We can always create exclusive coupons on demand.

TAT – Turn Around Time

TAT is 5-7 days up to 10 articles.
For example, if you order 50 articles, we’ll send you 10 articles each 5-7 days.

Need faster TAT? Let us know!


We accept ALL niches except pharma, adult and gambling.